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ShowPro AV Rental Management Template

Software tailored to the Professional Sound & Lighting industry.
What does the ShowPro Template do?
Customers (Screen Shot)
Search by Customer or Customer Orders (Screen Shot)
Structured to reduce accidental Customer duplication.

Quotes and Orders (Screen Shot)
Package templates for rapid Quote or Order creation.
Quote or Order can be created from multiple packages and/or line items.
Quote or Order can be duplicated or packaged with a mouse click.
Change from Package to Line Item Pricing with a mouse click..
Bottom Line, Total value, Total weight, Trucking and Labor calculated in real time and displayed on Quote or Order Form.
individual Units can be assigned to Order for tracking and manifest reports, Sub Components of assigned units are linked to Order automatically with master Unit.
Prints Package, Line Item, Pack Sheet, Equipment Manifest and Technician Manifest Reports.
Reserve entire Rental including sub-components with a mouse click.
Automatically checks and flags for equipment conflicts in real-time.
Master short list generated for equipment conflicts.

Equipment (Screen Shot)
Multiple linking and levels, Units, Components, sub-Components (Example)
Service Scheduling.
What ShowPro can do!!! (Some Modifications Required)
Advanced features are built into the structure and can be enabled to suit individual requirements.
Customer activity reports.
Multiple offices and Locations.
Asset Management.
Detailed reporting on equipment usage.
Customs Manifest Reports.
Bulk Email sending.
What ShowPro doesn't do...
Invoicing, separate accounting software is required and recommended


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