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Database Development
When designing a database, you have to make decisions regarding how best to take some system or process in the real world and model it in a database This process consists of deciding which tables to create and which columns they will contain, as well as the relationships between the tables. While it would be nice if this process Were totally intuitive and obvious or, even better automated, this is simply not the case A well designed database takes time and effort to conceive, refine, and build.
Microsoft has two proven database technologies, Access and SQL Server. Each having its own levels of application. Access is the recommended technology when the requirements range between single user applications and multi-user databases serving up to 50 users. Access 2000/XP comes with the Microsoft Data Engine. This technology is a combination of Access and SQL Server. Enabling Access to be implemented in applications serving the 50 to 100 user range. SQL Server can be implemented in applications for 1 to 1000000+ users. It is used widely as the backbone for internet sites serving millions of requests per day.

Blaire has successfully helped design and create several complex databases for our organization. He had the foresight to design the database with the appropriate structure that allowed us the flexibility of adding and or making changes to it, as the need arose. He asked the appropriate questions at the right time in order to progress with the initial design of the database, as the Health Care field was new to his experience. The databases are user friendly and require minimal mouse usage. The databases function how the users would perform their normal work duties. If you wish to have an extremely efficient, and cost effective database, Blaire is the person you want.   

Jim Burger, Lamont Health Care Centre


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